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About Abe Foxall:

Born: 1874, in Sheffield (Yorkshire), in England.
Passed away: 1950.

Position: Outside left.


Attercliffe: Signed: August 19, 1896.
* registered with the Football Association: August 19, 1896.
Gainsborough Trinity.
** Transferred to Liverpool for £100 and the gate from a friendly.
Liverpool: Signed: April 27, 1899,
* eligible for Liverpool F.C.  in official matches: September 1, 1899.
* Transferred to Queen’s Park Rangers (outside Football League),
Queens Park Rangers: Signed: 1900.
** Transferred to Woolwich Arsenal.
Woolwich Arsenal: Signed: May 1901.
Kettering Signed: August, 1902.
Roundell Signed: 1903.
Gainsborough Trinity: Signed: 1903.
Grantham Avenue, 1906.

Lincolnshire Cup Winner: 1903-04 (Gainsborough Trinity);

1911 Census. Age 36, living with his wife Elizabeth (27) and their children Frank (10), Phoebe (6), J.W. (son, 4), J.E. (son, 3 months) in Sheffield. Census also gives Sheffield as birthplace for Abe.

Monmouthshire Beacon: November 2, 1900.
abe-foxall-Liverpool, Queens Park Rangers, Gainsborough Trinity and Woolwich Arsenal

1911 Census, address and signature.
Abe Foxall signature


  1. Great information on old Player, Abraham Foxall was my Granddad Frank foxall brother he played for Wednesday and Birmingham if you have any more information on either of them ?

  2. 1906/07 (Grantham Avenue) was Abraham Foxall last season as a reg. FA player. He died in Sheffield in 1950, age 75.

  3. F Foxall and A Foxall were both in the Gainsborough Trinity team which won the Lincolnshire cup in 1904.

    Here is a team photo which must include both Foxalls (but I don’t know which they are)

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for sharing that amazing picture. I checked out the details for the final in 1904 and Gainsborough beat Lincoln City 2-1 in the final in front of 1000 spectators.Abe centred to Langham for the 1-0 goal just before half time. After the rest Lincoln equalised and then Saul scored the winning goal for Trinity.

      Your image show the players in their position that day. Only uncertain player is the guy on the top left. He was either a reserve or the club’s trainer. The next three guys should be the goalkeeper and the two full backs. Middle row the three half backs, and the front row the five players in attack.

      If this is correct the players on the image is as follows:
      Back row (left to right): Unknown, Harry Davies (right back), Jim Bagshaw (goalkeeper), William Thompson (left back).
      Middle row (left to right): Percy Saul (right half), William Jenkinson (centre half), George Hall (left half).
      Front row (left to right): Billy Langham (outside right), George Richardson (inside right), Jack Dixon (centre forward), Frank Foxall (inside left), Abe Foxall (outside left).

      Percy Saul also played for Liverpool in these early part of the club’s history.

      Best regards,


  4. Hi,

    I’d guessed they were probably posed in formation, but couldn’t be sure.

    BTW, you say the 1911 census has him living in Sheffield. I wondered if this was the case as “Pillard House Lane” is in Gainsborough. I checked the census and they are indeed living in Gainsborough.

    Best Regards,


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