A hero’s welcome for Liverpool

May 1, 1950
The welcome given to the Liverpool football team when they returned to their city last night could hardly have been greater had they brought the Cup with them.

A crowd estimated at about 120,000 thronged Lime Street, and the two-mile route to the ground to welcome the party of players, wives and officials, who rode in three coaches from the station.

When the train reached Lime Street Station 20,000 people surged against crush barriers, and a “Hampden roar” greeted the players as they drove out.

Despite elaborate police precautions crowds broke through up fenced stretches of the route, holding up the coaches.

At Anfield, where a junior match was being played, another 30,000 people cheered the players, who, headed by a band, walked around the field after the game.

Players and officials later left for a civic welcome at Liverpool Town Hall, where another great crowd “raised the roof” when the Lord Mayor appeared on the balcony with the players.

Half and hour before the party arrived at the Town Hall there was a rush in which several children were caught, and some had to receive first aid. Some elderly people fainted.
(Dundee Courier: May 2, 1950)

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