New football boots are flown to Rio

July 1, 1950
New football training boots, developed from those tested out by Liverpool Football Club last season, left London Airport for England’s team at Rio today.

Workers at Dunlop’s Speke factory came in over last weekend to get a pair ready for each member of the team. They turned out three pairs in size 6; seven 7’s; ten 8’s; one 9; and three 10’s.

The boots are of rubber and canvas, whit a hard-ribbed rubber tea-cap; moulded studs; and insole and tongue in latex foam rubber, the tongue with a special field for cushioning the instep.

In Brazil they will be used for training and perhaps for the less important games, although, if pitches are hard, they may be worn in international matches too.
(Source: Evening Express: July 1, 1950)


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