George Alfred Richards elected chairman of Liverpool Football Club

July 4, 1950
Mr. George Alfred Richards, J.P., has been elected chairman of Liverpool Football Club for the coming year, in succession to Alderman Stanley Ronald Williams.

This decision was made at the annual directors’ meeting last night, when Mr. Ralph Knowles Milne was appointed vice-chairman. Mr. Richards, who has been a Justice of the Peace for the past 12 years and is chairman of the Liverpool Licensing Justices, has been a supporter of the Liverpool club since 1903, and a member of the Board since 1934, when he was elected to fill the vacancy created by the death of the late Mr. Thomas Crompton.

The new chairman used to live near the Anfield ground and states that he used to watch matches as a small child from his upper window. Mr. Richards used to travel in support of the club in 1906, and saw the famous semi-final with Everton, while he saw Liverpool beaten in the 1914 Cup Final at the Crystal Palace. Mr. Richards has a keen memory of Liverpool teams and results in he early days, and in recent years has been on extensive tours with the club.

Ground and Finance.
Chairman of the Grounds Committee for four years, during which several improvements were made, Mr. Richards has been chairman of the Finance Committee for the past two years.

Wounded in both legs at Meterin (his home is named after the place) during the first World War, Mr. Richards was a notable Merseyside bowler for several years, but football always has been his first “love,” and he will receive the good wishes of all in his new office, just as congratulations for a task well-fulfilled will go to Alderman Williams.

Mr. Milne is a Liverpool solicitor now residing in Southport and who was the first Mayor of Bebington. Mr. Milne is principal in the firm founded by a former Liverpool director, the late Mr. Edwin Berry, and has been a lifelong supporter of the Reds, whom he travelled miles to support, even before being elected to the Board in 1941, on the death of the late Mr. John Asbury. Mr. Milne was awarded the M.C. (Military Cross) in the 1914-18 war.
(Source: Evening Express: July 5, 1950)

Mr. George A. Richards and Ralph Knowles Milne, Liverpool Football Club (from Evening Express: July 5, 1950).


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