Anfield juniors for Italy

August 14, 1950
The following amateur players on Liverpool’s books have been chosen to make up the party to go to San Remo, Italy, for the series of matches against the pick of Continental junior sides: Don Campbell, J. Crilly, Joe Dickson, J.R. Farron, M. Fenton, Malcolm Glazzard, H. Jones, Joe Maloney, K.W. Mawson, J.A. Montague, V. Murphy, W.J. Pemberton, J. Rolfe, J. Smith, G.R. Swarsbrick.

The party will be in charge of directors Richard Lawson Martindale and Thomas Valentine Williams, along with Mr. Ike Robinson, secretary of the County F.A., with Tom Bush as team attendant.

Leaving Lime Street next Friday at 8.20 a.m., and travelling via Folkstone, Calais, Basle and Genoa, the party is due at San Remo on Saturday evening. They play three matches for certain, and more if they meet with success in the various rounds of the tournament.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 14, 1950)

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