Manchester United at Anfield

August 22, 1950
Liverpool could hardly have asked for a more attractive game to open their home programme than a visit from Manchester United, but at the same time it presents a formidable obstacle to the Reds’ desire to start off at Anfield with a victory. The match is to-morrow evening starting 6.30.

Manager Matt Busby’s side has done extremely well since he took over at Old Trafford, and though some folk fear that after their long run of success the United may be in danger of slipping a bit, we cannot judge at this early stage.

For the time being, United will probably persevere with McGlen as successor to Charlie Mitten, who took a fast plane to Bogota to play for Santa Fe. McGlen showed up well against the “new-look” Fulham – the Londoners had four newcomers, all internationals, in their side last Saturday – and at right half Eddie McIlvenny, the former Wrexham plaer, did enough, without being particularly outstanding to warrant retention. McIlvenny was captain of the USA team which defeated England in the World Cup qualifying game, and was signed by manager Busby at the end of the United’s American tour.

Problem of attack
Liverpool will not choose their side until this evening. As I did not see them at Molineux, I cannot speak from personal knowledge of the Reds’ attack. From all accounts it did not come up to expectations.

Manchester United: Robert Allen, Johnny Carey, John Aston, Ed McIlvenny, Allenby Chilton, Henry Cockburn, Jimmy Delaney, Johnny Downie, Jack Rowley, Stan Pearson, Bill McGlen.
(Liverpool Echo: August 22, 1950)

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