Liverpool v Manchester United 2-1 (League match: August 23, 1950)

August 23, 1950
Key note: “I wish I had the space to tell you in full all about last night’s match at Anfield, but even then I am afraid I could not justify it, for it had everything. The players came out, but were taken back by the referee, for it was impossible to see the ball for any distance, yet within five minutes it was bright daylight. Would it remain so? That was the big doubt. It did, and the 30,211 valiant spectators were amply repaid for their courage in coming along when the fireside was suggested. That Liverpool won is only one small point of the game – a pleasing one for Liverpool, but for the student of football it will rank as one of the best games seen here for years, and all I can hope is that there will be many more during the season. A wet ground; a scudding ball could not prevent these 22 players from providing us with 90 minutes of high-grade soccer, which made us forget the conditions and the wetting we had received getting to the ground. This was a Soccer ‘special,’ and in years to come it will be recalled in the ‘local’ time and time again in this fashion: ‘Do you remember the Liverpool v Manchester United game in 1950.’ I would say to that: ‘I will never forget it.’” (Liverpool Echo: August 24, 1950)

Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 18:30.
Liverpool – Manchester United 2-1 (2-1).
Attendance: 30,211.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Cyril Sidlow, Bill Shepherd, Eddie Spicer, Bill Jones, Laurie Hughes, Bob Paisley, Jimmy Payne, Phil Taylor, Cyril Done, Jack Balmer, Billy Liddell.
Manchester United (2-3-5): Robert Allen, Johnny Carey, John Aston, Ed McIlvenny, Allenby Chilton, Henry Cockburn, Jimmy Delaney, Johnny Downie, Jack Rowley, Stan Pearson, Bill McGlen.
The goals: 1-0 Liddell (12 min., assist: Taylor), 1-1 Rowley (30 min.), 2-1 Own goal (Allen, 37 min.).

Liverpool Echo: August 24, 1950.


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