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Born: October 18, 1872: Northwich (Cheshire), in England.
Passed away: February 17, 1951: Northwich (Cheshire), in England.

Position: Centre-forward.

Height: (5ft. 9in.);
Weight: (11st.).
** Source: Athletic News: October 22, 1894.

Winnington: 1891.
Northwich Victoria: 1891.
* Transferred to Ardwick.
Ardwick: Signed: June 4, 1894.
* Ardwick changed their name to Manchester City F.C.
* re-signed contract: May 7, 1896.
** Transferred to Liverpool for £150.
Liverpool: Signed: May 5, 1897;
* registered with the Football League as a Liverpool F.C. player: May 6, 1897;
* eligible for Liverpool F.C. in official matches: September 1, 1897.
Bristol City: Signed: 1898.
** Seems to have played his last game for Bristol City end of April, 1901.
Northwich Victoria: Signed: February, 1902.
* Signed amateur forms for Northwich Victoria: October 12, 1903.

English League XI ?-?: (v. Irish League: November 9, 1895).
Cheshire Select XI 1-2 (v. Cumberland: October 9, 1893 ‘2g’).




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