The death of Walter Wadsworth

October 6, 1951
I regret to have to announce the death of Walter Wadsworth, one time captain and centre half back of Liverpool F.C. He has been ill for some time, and passed away at Bristol at the age of 61.

Wadsworth was captain of Liverpool’s “double” championship side in the early 20’s. “Waddy,” as he will always be remembered by Liverpool followers, was as tough a man as ever played football. He asked no quarter nor gave any, yet off the field he had a heart of gold.

He was one of the trio who received his marching orders in that memorable match at Anfield against Newcastle, when he, along with John McNab and Tommy Urwin, was ordered off the field. It was one of Wadsworth’s slogans that “Ball may pass me but man never.”

Wadsworth played more than 200 games for Liverpool. He went into the haulage business on his own in the early days of the war, and became a successful business man. He left Liverpool and took up residence in Bristol, but he will always be looked upon as a “Liverpudlian.”
(Source: Liverpool Echo: October 8, 1951)

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