Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool 2-3 (League match: December 1, 1951)

December 1, 1951
Key note: “Liverpool played an unchanged team against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane, although they had their captain Taylor, and Balmer on the sidelines. Spurs played their debutante in Robshaw, who deputised for Nicholson at left half. It was a glorious afternoon just right for football, with a nice nip in the air and the ground looked fairly good for this time of year, even though it was likely to churn up as the game progressed. Manager Don Welsh was not with the Liverpool party, he was away at another scouting mission in Ireland. The Spurs had a record of scoring in every match with the exception of last Saturday, when they had a blank against Portsmouth. The referee was taking no chances for he started the game with a white ball, although the light looked last lasting out until the end. A grand Victory, well and truly won against a side that went into the game as red hot favourites. Liverpool not only proved to be their equals in the craft of football, but proved much more deadly in front of goal. Liddell had had another brilliant game, but it was the whole team that had grafted for this victory. Ok, Liddell scored a Hat-trick, but there’s nothing new about that, this victory was won as much in the defence as it was up front. And this writer has no doubts that Liddell will win his fair share of Man of the Match awards this season without adding this one.” (Liverpool Echo: December 1, 1951)

Match: Football League, First Division, at White Hart Lane, kick-off: 14:15.
Tottenham Hotspur – Liverpool 2-3 (0-2).
Attendance: 51,342.
Referee: Mr. S.E. Shaw.
Tottenham Hotspur (2-3-5): Ted Ditchburn, Alf Ramsey, Charlie Withers, Harry Robshaw, Harry Clarke, Ron Burgess, Sonny Walters, Les Bennett, Len Duquemin, Eddie Baily, Les Medley.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Charles Ashcroft, Bill Jones, Ray Lambert, Jack Heydon, Laurie Hughes, Bob Paisley, Brian Jackson, Kevin Baron, Jack Smith, Jimmy Payne, Billy Liddell.
The goals: 0-1 Liddell (10 min.), 0-2 Liddell (17 min., assist: Paisley), 1-2 Bennett (50 min.), 2-2 Walters (60 min.), 2-3 Liddell (penalty, 71 min.).

More short notes: “Liverpool have discovered a simple formula for Soccer success: two fine wingers equal one fine wing. Billy Liddell and Jimmy Payne proved it by playing the dominant roles in the splendid 3-2 victory over Spurs at Tottenham. And the brilliance of this left-wing partnership is the happy outcome of a transfer request by Payne after being dropped from outside right, his 1950 Cup Final position. Restored to the team as an experimental inside left, he has achieved such understanding with Liddell that there is no more talk of that transfer.” (Daily Mirror: December 3, 1951)


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