FA Youth Contest Final (Alan Arnell)

May 30, 1952
Sussex Minors will make history tomorrow (Saturday) when they visit the Everton ground at Goodison Park to play Liverpool County Minors in the first leg of the FA County Youth Championship final. The second leg will be played at the Goldstone Ground, Hove, on Saturday, May 24.

The Sussex selectors are keeping to the team who have got through the last three rounds of the competition – a side whose fighting qualities and team spirit have put them in the final for the first time. They will be up against opponents who are making their third appearance in the final since the competition was instituted six years ago, and who won the trophy in 1948-49.

This will be the second long journey for the Sussex team this season. When they played the North Riding of Yorkshire they had a round trip of 600 miles to Middlesbrough and back, and this week-end they will travel about 500 miles.

Here are tomorrow’s teams: –
Sussex. J. Cragg (Eastbourne); M.R. Tidey (Bexhill), A.A. Murphy (Horsham); P.J. Martin, captain (Brighton and Hove Albion), G. Boon (Eastbourne), S. Burtenshaw (Brighton and Hove Abion); E. Hughes (Brighton and Hove Albion), D.R. Beard (Lewes), A.J. Arnell (Chichester), P.G. Howieson (Brighton and Hove Albion), R.J. Souter (Worthing). Reserves: R.G. Clark (Eastbourne United), D.W. Manville (Brighton and Hove Albion).

Liverpool. P. Fairclough (Everton); R.B. Brookfield (Everton), J. Broderick (Liverpool); C. Whiteside, captain (Everton), R. Boylan (Longview Rovers), K. Rea (Everton); T. Tomlinson (Everton), J. Dickson (Liverpool), G. Kirby (Everton), E. Green (Earle), E. Bond (Haydock Colliery).

All the Sussex players have won their county minor colours, and those who have played in all five Sussex games in the 1951-52 competition are Cragg, Tidey, Murrant, Martin, Beard, Howieson and Souter. Boon and Arnell missed the first game, and Burtenshaw and Hughes the first two.

They are a strong side, all with experience of senior football, despite their youth, and have plenty of weight, especially in the defence.

Tidey and Murrant, the backs, are each over 13 stone, and the half-backs average 12 stone. Height is another advantage in the defence. Goalkeeper Cragg is over 6ft., and the backs and halves are all around the 6ft mark. The forwards are a little lighter than the defence, and are not quite so tall.

In their five game Sussex have scored 18 goals. Arnell netted six, Highes four, Beard two, Souter two, Howieson, Simmons (not selected), Tidey and Burtenshaw one each.

Pen pictures:
Here are the brief pen pictures of the Sussex team: –

– Played for East Sussex Schools, and was with Bentswood United (Hayward Heath) when they won the Mid-Sussex League Division III and Division II Cups, and the Mowatt and Montgomery Cups. This season played for Brighton and Hove Albion “A” in the Metropolitan League and Eastbourne in the Corinthian League.

Tidey. – Played for Hastings and District Schools. Last November signed amateur forms for Tottenham Hotspur, and played for them in the Middlesex Invitation Cup. Plays for Bexhill in the Sussex County League.

Murrant. – Captained Sussex A.T.C. for three years. Played for Horsham this season, mostly in the second team, but has made some appearances in the first eleven.

Martin. – Played for Brighton Schools, and later Brighton and Hove Albion “A” in the Metropolitan League.

Boon. – Was in the Eastbourne Minor League team, and later joined Eastbourne, playing for them in the Corinthian League while still at school.

Burtenshaw. – Captained the Sussex Schools and Brighton Schools teams. Has played in schoolboys’ international trials, including once when chosen for England Schools against The Rest. Has played for Brighton and Hove Albion in the Metropolitan League and Combination sides. Eligible for Sussex minors next season.

Hughes. – Played for Brighton Schools, and had a trial for the England School team. Had a spell with Lewes in the County League, and this season played for Brighton and Hove Albion in the Metropolitan League and Combination sides. Eligible for Sussex minors next season.

Beard. – Played for Brighton Schools, and has now had two seasons with Lewes in the Sussex County League. Has played for Sussex Minors for two seasons, and will be eligible next season.

Arnell. – Has played for Portsmouth Reserves and “A” teams, and this season has been in Chichester’s County League side.

Alan Arnell
Alan Arnell 1952

Howieson. – Played for Brighton Schools and the FA Youth XI against Oxford Public Schools. Plays for Brighton and Hove Albion “A” in the Metropolitan League.

Souter. – Played for West Sussex Schools. After a season with Sompting. Joined Worthing, and played mainly for the second team, making two appearances in the first eleven.

Howieson, Murrant, Arnell and Martin are on National Service, and have been released for tomorrow’s match. Cragg, due to report on May 1, has had his call-up deferred until  May 15.

Liverpool notes.
Liverpool will field the side which beat Eire Minors 4-1 in an annual challenge game on Monday. Apart from Green, all are amateurs on the books of either Everton or Liverpool, although two are named as attached to their original sides in the Liverpool Combination. Here are notes on their leading players: –
Fairclough. – Played for Bootle and Lancashire Schools teams, and the England Youth XI.

Brookfield. – Has appeared for Southport and Lancashire Schools teams.

Broderick. – Former Liverpool Schools player.

Whiteside. – Has figured in Everton’s Central League team.

Boylan. – On Everton’s books.

Rea. – Had trial for the international youth team, and was recently reserve for England against Northern Ireland.

Kirby. – Prolific scorer for Everton’s junior side.

Tomlinson. – Has played in all the England youth games this season, and was formerly in the Birkenhead Schools team.

Dickson. – Toured Spain with the England Youth tea, and has made three appearances for Liverpool Reserves.
(The Sussex Agricultural Express: May 30, 1952)


  1. Hi Roy, the Sussex FA rep squad U18s will play Liverpool FA in the Final at Crawley Town FC onSun 10th April 2016 at 13.00.

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