Hugh Gerhardi transferred to Liverpool

August 1, 1952
Manager Don Welsh, of Liverpool, to-day signed on, at Southampton, 19-years-old Hugh Gerhardi, a wing-half from Thistle F.C. of Durban, South Africa. Gerhardi was recommended to Liverpool by Mr. Billy Butler, the former Bolton Wanderers’ player who is a personal friend of Manager Welsh’s. He is said to be a player of outstanding promise.

If he does as well for Liverpool as some of their former importations from the same country, such as Gordon Hodgson, Arthur Riley and Berry Nieuwenhuys, to mention only a few, the club will have made a good capture.

Mr. Welsh left Liverpool yesterday for Southampton to welcome Gerhardi and completed the signing a few minutes after his arrival. The young South African will start training with his new colleagues next week.

Gerhardi is 6ft. 4ins. and weighs over 13 stone.
(Liverpool Echo: August 1, 1952)

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