Questions around Albert Stubbins

Thursday, August 14 – 1952
How long Albert Stubbins remains with Liverpool this winter remains to be seen, but it will require a much higher bid than that made by Darlington to persuade the Anfield board to let him go. The Third Division club’s offer was considered at last night’s meeting of directors and turned down.

The question of Stubbins training away from Anfield is still a matter over which some members of the board are not very happy, but all are unanimous in honouring the promise made to the player three years ago. There is also a general feeling. However, that by doing so they are not getting the best out of the player, either as an individual or in a team sense.

Albert Stubbins

Stubbins, spending all his spare time in developing his business in Newcastle has not yet been down to Anfield, although it was hoped that he would come for a fortnight’s training with his colleagues before the season began.

What the outcome will be I am not attempting to forecast. A section of the board still consider his value is such that it would be wiser to retain him unless the offer is an exceptionally good one. Even then the player has the last word, and 18 months ago Albert declined to go to Middlesbrough when the board had come to terms with the Ayresome Park side.

A fit and virile Stubbins, in the form he was a few seasons back, would undoubtedly be a big asset, but even his best friends have been reluctantly forced to admit that during the past couple of seasons Albert lost much of his effectiveness, after making all allowances for his injuries and enforced absence.

The old style and classic touches were there, but not the speed off the mark or the former ability to get the ball under the quick control, both of which are so essential.

Yet, Stubbins still retains much of his popularity with the crowd. His drawing power was seen in the tremendous attendance at a Central League game when he came back after his operation. If he can recapture his old form from this winter and steer clear of injuries, Liverpool’s prospects will be much brighter.
(Liverpool Echo, 14-08-1952)

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