Teams for the practice match

August 14, 1952
Liverpool supporters will not see Hugh Gerhardi, the club’s recent signing from South Africa, in Saturday’s public practice game at Anfield. It is felt that Gerhardi has not yet had sufficient time to get himself thoroughly acclimated, and he has accordingly been omitted from the trial teams.

There will, however, be several players on view who will be new to the majority of the club’s followers. One of these, Jimmy Rolfe, a 20-years-old winger who was recently signed as a full-time professional on completing his National Service, is included in the “senior” eleven.

Phil Taylor and Laurie Hughes will be playing, so that the Reds team, Rolfe apart, is the same as that which, when all were fit, was regarded as the premier choice last season. It is good to know that Hughes and Taylor, after earlier doubts will now be available for the start of the season, assuming they come through Saturday’s test all right.

Main interest in the Whites line-up will centre in the return of Eddie Spicer, whose broken leg in Sweden fifteen months ago kept him out of the seniors last term, and the display of Jimmy Robertson, a 23-years-old inside right, who was signed last March from Auchinlech Talbot, the Scottish junior club.

Others who will be watched with more than usual interest will be Steve Parr and inside left Rowley. The latter is the former Liverpool Boys’ Association representative who was signed following a game 18 months ago against Liverpool’s Colts.

Rowley has been discharged from the RAF due to slight ear trouble. He is now a full-time professional, and at 18 is a player of considerable promise.

The teams read: –
Reds. – Charles Ashcroft, Bill Jones, Ray Lambert, Phil Taylor, Laurie Hughes, Bob Paisley, Jimmy Rolfe, Kevin Baron, Albert Stubbins, Jimmy Payne, Billy Liddell.
Whites. – Russell Crossley, Steve Parr, Eddie Spicer, Jack Heydon, John Smith, Ken Brierley, Bryan Williams, Jimmy Robertson, Jack Smith, Arthur Rowley, Mervyn Jones.

Brian Jackson is missing from the line-up owing to being unable to get leave from his Army unit.

For the second half of the practice the teams will be changed in order to allow several of the younger professionals to show their wares. Those who will come in after the interval will be Joe Dickson (inside forward), Jimmy Clugston (centre forward), Eric Anderson (inside right), Bill Pringle (centre forward or outside right), Joe Maloney (wing half), Roy Saunders (wing half), Ronnie Moran (left back), and Tony Guest.

Guest is a 5ft. 11in. outside left who is being given a month’s trial following a successful showing in a private practice match last week. He comes from Rotherham.
(Liverpool Echo: August 14, 1952)

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