Liverpool Reserves v Burnley Reserves 0-2 (League match: August 23, 1952)

August 23, 1952
Key note: “McDonald was in great form in goal for Burnley Reserves at Liverpool on Saturday and made several fine saves. Burnley’s defence was kept busy, and Binns and Brown accomplished some strenuous work in breaking up home attacks. Both forward lines missed chances, but Burnley worried Liverpool more after the interval when Chew netted from the penalty spot after 10 minutes, and just before the end Pilkington made sure of the points with a smart goal.” (Burnley Express: August 27, 1952)

Match: Central League, at Anfield.
Liverpool Reserves – Burnley Reserves 0-2 (0-0).
Liverpool (2-3-5): Russell Crossley; Geoff Whitworth, Ronnie Moran; Jack Heydon, Harry Jones, Ken Brierley; Jimmy Rolfe, Eric Anderson, Jimmy Clugston, Joe Dickson, Mervyn Jones.
Burnley (2-3-5): Colin McDonald; Pate, Harry Rudman; Bobby Seith, Eric Binns, Joe Brown; Roy Stephenson, Jack Chew, Hayes, Jimmy McIlroy, Brian Pilkington.
The goals: 0-1 Chew (pen, 55 min.), 0-2 Pilkington (88 min.).


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