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About Tom Fairfoull:
“A dour Scot from West Calder, and Liverpool’s most consistent half this season. His first season at Anfield, having been obtained from Third Lanark. Was regarded as one of the best halves in Scotland, and has fully borne out his reputation. Is a great believer in passing back to his goalkeeper in order to relieve the defence.”
(Source: Birmingham Daily Gazette: April 25, 1914)

“Stylish in his movements, and never forgetful that there are forwards in front of him, this talented Ayrshire laddie is a force to be reckoned with. Dour and resourceful, and a fearless tackler, he also takes particularly good care of accepting all the chances which may be going, and gives anything like a favourable opening, he is very seldom off the mark with his parting efforts.”
(Source: Scottish Referee: March 20, 1911)

Born: January 16, 1881: West Calder, in Scotland.
Passed away: December 2, 1952: Liverpool, in England.

Position: Right half back, started out as inside right.

Height: 177 cm. (5ft. 9½in.);
Weight: 82 kilos (13st.).
** Source: Athletic News: May 12, 1913.

Lanark Athletic.
Patna Doon Athletic.
** Transferred to Kilmarnock.
Kilmarnock: Signed: September 28. 1904.
Third Lanark: Signed: May, 1906.
** Transferred to Liverpool.
Liverpool: Signed: May 8, 1913.
* Eligible for Liverpool in official matches: August 20, 1913.
* Transfer registered with Scottish FA: August 1, 1913.
* Suspended from taking any part in football: December 23, 1915.
** Suspension lifted: August 28, 1919.

Glasgow Cup Winner: 1908-09 (Third Lanark);
Scottish Football League XI (1 match, 1909 v. Irish League).

Dundee Courier: January 18, 1909.
Thomas Fairfoull 1909

Scottish Referee: March 17, 1911.

Scottish Referee: March 20, 1911.

Scottish Referee: May 9, 1913.

Athletic News: May 12, 1913.
Football Express: February 28, 1914.


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