Recipe for married happiness

Friday, December 19 – 1952
Plenty of give and take, says groom of 50 years ago.
On Christmas Day, Mr. and Mrs. John Gregson, of 11 West Drive, Scale Hall, celebrate their golden wedding which they will celebrate at a family party quietly at home.

Both natives of Liverpool, they were married at All Souls Church, Vauxall, Liverpool. They first met in the mixed day school of the church, which is now rebuilt in another part of Liverpool. Mr. Gregson is 78 and Mrs Gregson 79.

Mr. Gregson was a mechanical engineer in the match industry, serving Messrs. Bryant and Mays, in a factory built by Americans. After the first world war, he became a pioneer in the starting of the first and only mechanical match factory in Scotland. He retired in 1945, after 43 years with one firm, and 26 years on the staff as foreman engineer, and came to live in Lancaster.

He told a “Gurdian” report,” “We had to work 60 hours hours a week when I first started, going to work at seven o’clock in the morning. We even had to take our breakfast to work with us, but they supplied us with milk, tea and sugar free of charge for all our meals.

Asked to what he attributed his happy married life, Mr. Gregson said:
“You know, we are not all angels, and there has to be plenty of give and take, and above all, you must try not to be selfish.”

He attributes his long life to temperance. He neither drinks nor smokes.

They have family connections in the area. Mrs. Gregson’s father was the eldest son of the late Mr. Thomas Preston, joiner and builder, of Halton.

They have three sons and six grandchildren.

Mr. Gregson is a keen gardener, and in his early days a keen sportsman. He was for 25 years, chairman of the works sports club. He played outside right for Liverpool ‘A’ team, and refereed in Liverpool Amateur football.
(Lancaster Guardian, 19-12-1952)

Mr. and Mrs. John Gregson.


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