Burnley Reserves v Liverpool Reserves 3-1 (League match: December 20, 1952)

December 20, 1952
Match: Central League, at Turf Moor.
Burnley Reserves – Liverpool Reserves 3-1 (2-0).
Referee: Mr. G. Ollerton (Preston).
Burnley Reserves (2-3-5): Colin McDonald; Eric Binns, Doug Winton; Harold Rudman, Alan Waring, Pat Corr; Albert Cheesebrough, Roy Stephenson, Les Samuels, Billy Morris, Brian Pilkington.
Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Russell Crossley; Harry Jones, Steve Parr; Roy Saunders, Hugh Gerhardi, Joe Maloney; Mervyn Jones, Jack Heydon, Albert Stubbins, Bryan Williams, Alan A’Court.
The goals: 1-0 Pilkington (21 min.), 2-0 Stephenson (40 min.), 3-0 Stephenson (57 min.), 3-1 Williams (pen, 85 min.).

An abundance of enthusiasm, blended with some intelligent ball distribution, plus a flavouring of dour defensive play, was the pre-Christmas show given by Burnley Reserves when they entertained Liverpool Reserves, at Turf Moor, on Saturday.

The Clarets presented their hardy supporters to a seasonal treat and but for the ever-constant vigilance of goalkeeper Crossley they should have improved their score. The home team were superior in every department of the game and there was never any real doubt as to who would run off the field winners.

It is becoming monotonous these days trying to find a different superlative adjective to describe the activities of Stephenson. When he scored Burnley’s third goal after 57 minutes’ play someone in the stand remarked “I wish everyone played football with the same enthusiasm.”

There is the secret of his success this season. What is more essential, he appears to enjoy every minute of his football and he never gives in. On Saturday the Liverpool defence gave him much close and vigorous attention, but it did not prevent him scoring two goals and bringing his goals for the season 20.

The home half-back line was as good as a stockade around the home goal. All three members of the line had good games. Corr making a welcome return, and Waring giving Stubbins little scope.

First goal was scored by Burnley in the 21st minute when Pilkington had solo excursion to the Liverpool (text from this point unreadable).

Three quarter of the game gone, and Burnley had three goals to their credit. Then five minutes from one of the Burnley defenders became philanthropic, handled the ball and gave a penalty away. Williams accepted this Christmas present with thanks and slammed it in.
(Liverpool Express: December 23, 1952)

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