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Born: January 3, 1888: in Liverpool, in England.
Passed away: March 15, 1953: in Liverpool, in England.
** In the 1891 Census he was only 3 years old and lived with his father, Edwin (33) and mother, Isabel (32) and four sisters at 11, Fairfield Crescent, Liverpool. His father of course was both a director and chairman of Liverpool Football Club.

Wrexham: 1906.
Liverpool: Signed amateur form: October 4, 1907.
Wrexham: 1907.
Liverpool: 1908.
Fulham: Signed amateur form: August: 18, 1909.
Wrexham: 1909.
Everton: Signed amateur form: 1910.
Liverpool: Signed amateur form: June 24, 1912.
Northern Nomads: 1912.
Wrexham: 1913.

Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: January 23, 1909.
Arthur Berry 1909

Artur Berry (Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News: November 19, 1910).

Join Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: December 27, 1910.
Arthur Berry 1910

Cigarette card series from around 1910:
Arthur Berry

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