Liverpool fall at Stamford Bridge

Monday, March 23 – 1953
Match: Football League, 1st Division, at Stamford Bridge, kick off: 15:00.
Chelsea – Liverpool 3-0 (1-0).
Attendance: 40,000.
Chelsea (2-3-5): Chick Thomson; John Harris, Stan Willemse; Ken Armstrong, Derek Saunders, Philip McKnight; Eric Parsons, Roy Bentley, Jim Lewis, Bob Edwards, Frank Blunstone.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Russell Crossley; Ronnie Moran, Eddie Spicer; Roy Saunders, Bill Jones, Joe Maloney; Jack Smith, Sammy Smyth, Billy Liddell, Kevin Baron, Alan A’Court.
The Goals: 1-0 Jim Lewis, 2-0 Bob Edwards (83 min.), 3-0 Blunstone (85 min.).

Frank Blunstone, stocky 18-year-old ex-Crewe left winger, modestly hung his head as he walked off the pitch at Stamford Bridge yesterday to thunderous applause. Five minutes earlier the boy whom manager Ted Drake predicts will become as good as England’s Eric Brook had scored Chelsea’s third goal with a magnificent demonstration of Soccer skill.

Outside-right Eric Parsons, just inside Liverpool’s half, swung a long ball from the touchline into a gap in the middle of the field. Skipper Roy Bentley called Blunstone to take it. But Frank was already moving into position at top speed. He gathered the pass, brushed aside full-back Moran, and smacked a great shot into the net.

Brook, in his prime for England and Manchester City, could not have improved on this run and shot. The goal aside, Blunstone gave evidence of his rich promise and had Chelsea given him more of the ball in the first half Liverpool would have been in even worse trouble.

Two of Chelsea’s goals came in a storming finish within seven minutes of time. The second scored by Bob Edwards, was the result of a good movement via Harris and Jim Lewis, but the first, in a dullish opening half, was a freak and a gift for Jim Lewis.

Russell Crossley, who made excellent saves from Parsons an Edwards (twice), fell in attempting a save, and the ball rebounded to Jim Lewis, who ran it into an open net.

Considering Roy Bentley was lamed after four minutes and spent a lot of time on the wing, Chelsea did well. Armstrong had a great match, as did Willemse. The Chelsea defence was tighter and surer than I have seen them this season.

Liverpool also had an 18-year old left winger, Alan A’Court, who less than a year ago was playing for his school team. He often made the experienced Harris think twice. But the attack were disorganised. Billy Liddell played in almost every position except centre forward, the position in which he lined up. His roamings confused his own team more than Chelsea.
(Daily Mail, 24-03-1953)

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