Frank Christie nets the winner

Saturday, October 24 – 1953
When Frank Christie was transferred from Liverpool to East Fife in January 1951 for £8,000 he little realised that one day he would be a last-minute goal-scoring hero of a cup final.

Reason for Frank’s transfer was to tighten up the half-back-line in an effort to get the team away from the relegation area. Christie, a dogged, hard-working player, fitted into the Methil scheme of things, and the relegation threat was lifted.

Since then Christie has been a mainstay in the Methil side. He was their outstanding player against Partick Thistle. He is not a showy half-back, but he stood out in Saturday’s final for his forcing play in both attack and defence.

In the first half, when East Fife were on top, Christie kept putting the ball through to his forwards – and it was from one of hi slips that Charlie Fleming got the Fifers’ second goal.

After the interval, when Partick Thistle were going all out and had the Fifers back on their heels, Christie was a tremendous power in defence. He was twice laid out, clearing fierce shots in the penalty box. But he was up with his forwards as soon as the attack began to function again.

When Matthews’ cross into the middle was headed out of the box by Davidson, Christie took two steps and hit the ball first-time into the net.

He told me after he just shut his eyes and kicked the ball. But Frank is a modest chap, and it was obvious that he had seen a chance of the cup and took it.

He was the hero of Methil on Saturday night anyway, when the team returned to Bayview with the cup. The celebrations went on until 10.30, and Christie returned to his home in Scone yesterday for a quiet day.

Frank started his football career with Scone City Boys, and became a junior with St. Johnstone Y.M. From there he signed for Liverpool, and during the war he guested for Forfar. He plays cricket for Scone Palace, and is a good all-rounder.

He has several footballing brothers, and one of them, Jack, played centre half for Dundee United. Frank stays at Methil during the week and returns to Scone every week-end. He is a stone mason to trade.
(Dundee Courier, 26-10-1953)

Frank Christie
Frank Christie to the left. Sammy Stewart with the cup. Left to right: Frank Christie, Andy Matthew, Johnny Curran, Don Emery, Sammy Stewart, Danny McLennan, Charlie Fleming, and Ian Gardiner.

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