The Terriers at Anfield

November 3, 1953
The Western Command Territorial Army soccer committee are to be thanked for a new departure, for history will be made when they oppose Liverpool at Anfield to-morrow (2:30). Since the National Service Act came into being the Army has been able to call upon some brilliant young footballers for representatives games.

When their two years’ full-time training is over these young men have to put in three and a half years’ spare-time with the Terriers, which means that the latter can now field sides which put them in with a strong chance against the majority of Football League clubs.

The idea behind this game is that the general public should be given a better idea of the sporting activities of the Terriers. Football is only one of the many healthy outlets which are provided for the men of the modern Territorial Army. Sports activities are now extremely well organised, and every effort is made to provide for all tastes, while the question of gear is looked after far better than it used to be.

The visiting side will be skippered by Jimmy Dugdale, of West Bromwich, who is a native of Liverpool, and includes several men who play regularly for Football League sides. This game looks a most attractive one, and I trust the mid-week football-loving public will give it their full support.

The players in the T.A. team have been insured for £150,000, which gives you an idea of their possible value in the transfer-market. There should be quite a good collection of talent scouts to watch these lads in action.

This game will have the added attraction of providing mid-week followers with a view of recently demobilised Jack Lawton, who scored four goals on his Central League debut against Derby County Reserves on Saturday, and Tony Rowley, Liverpool’s recent signing from Stourbridge, whom many impartial judges tell me also gave a brilliant show against the Midlanders.

A newcomer to the reserve team is outside right Brian Gallagher, who has been showing promising form in the “A” side. An amateur aged 20, Gallagher joined Liverpool two seasons ago from Maghull Boys’ Club.

Liverpool: Charles Ashcroft, Phil Taylor, Steve Parr, William Arthur Dumbell, Fred Tomley, Don Campbell, Brian Gallagher, Tony Rowley, Jack Lawton, Eric Anderson, Brian Jackson.

Western Command T.A.: Nigel Sims (Wolves), Matt Woods (Everton), Tommy Banks (Bolton Wanderers), Geoff Twentyman (Carlisle United), Jimmy Dugdale (West Bromwich Albion), Jack Keen (Barrow), Len Allchurch (Swansea Town), Johnny King (Stoke City), Billy Sowden (Manchester City), Ian Atkinson (Carlisle United), Derrick Price (Shrewsbury Town).
(Source: Liverpool Echo: November 3, 1953)

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