Weymouth’s most unpopular cinemagoers

Wednesday, December 09 – 1953
Willie Fagan, twice a Wembley Cup finalist, with Preston and Liverpool, left a floodlight trial game on the Weymouth ground last night to declare himself a very doubtful starter for his club’s Cup tie with Leyton Orient.

Player-manager Fagan had been forced to take it easily in this his final test. He declared: “I am not at all happy. The muscles behind my injured knee have hardened a lot and it will be a race to get fit.

Partner in the race will be trainer Walter Hillier, who has already put in long hours with a heat lamp this week on the Fagan knee. It will be either Jim Gunning or Tony Spink at inside left if the “Boss” is unfit.

Earlier yesterday Fagan and his trainer, Hillier, became Weymouth’s most unpopular cinemagoers. They talked their way through two films.
We went to the cinema to try to forget the Cup for a while,” laughed Willie, “but we had been in only about five minutes when Walter started talking about the game. After that we just didn’t stop talking. We got some nasty looks from those around us. Perhaps we shall be forgiven if we beat the Orient.
(Daily Mail, 10-12-1953)

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