Football broadcast to Barrowmore Hospital

December 12, 1953
The patients and staff at Barrowmore Hospital had an interesting day on Saturday, when they were entertained by other members of the staff, who provided a most exhilarating concert. The organiser and compere was Mr. Harry Larter, and included in the guest artists were Mr. and Mrs. Les Oakley, pianist and singer, Mr. Tommy Gresty, piano accordionist, Mr. G. Debenham and a small choir of boys and girls from Great Barrow. At the end of the concert the artists were thanked by the patients’ chairman.

Also on Saturday, the patients were able to receive, for the first time, the private broadcast from the Liverpool Football Ground, which is now a regular Saturday afternoon feature, with broadcasts on alternate Saturdays from Anfield and Goodison Park. On Tuesday, the patients were visited by Mr. J. Worthington, Chairman of the Walton League of Friends, who was primarily responsible for organising this facility, and Mr. Conlon, one of the commentators. The financial cost of this scheme is being met by the Merseyside Hospitals’ Council, who, in turn, received a handsome donation from Mr. John Moores, of Littlewoods Pools Ltd., in regard to the initial outlay.
(Source: Cheshire Observer: December 12, 1953)

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