Desperate Liverpool make six more “panic” changes

January 21, 1954
Liverpool without a win since December 5, once more make panic changes in an effort to break away from the bottom of Division One.
Against Spurs on Saturday they make six changes – and give another role to Geoff Twentyman, £12,000 signing from Carlisle.
Manager Don Welsh remembered that Twentyman was discovered by Carlisle as a left half, so into Bob Paisley’s place goes Twentyman – from right back last week. But has another memory escaped the Liverpool board?
Billy Liddell, Scotland outside left, has had many good games against Alf Ramsey, Spurs right back, on club and international field. Buy Ramsey need not worry. “The Liddell danger” has been removed to centre-forward.
Alan A’Court is his deputy on the left.
Johnny Evans, Christmas signing from Charlton Athletic, is at inside left – another change. Evans displace Baron and Eric Anderson – who played only once last season – is at inside right.
The right back position that Twentyman barely had time to get used to goes to veteran Ray Lambert. A cold kept him out last week.
And the man who must be wearing a secret smile amid the Liverpool lamenting is Laurie Hughes. Several serious injuries threatened to put paid to a brilliant career. Now, Hughes is commanding the centre-half position – the position Twentyman was to have occupied.
(Daily Mirror: January 21, 1954)

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