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“He brings more to his job than a sound practical knowledge of the game gathered in the hard school of experience. Many managers have that. Of far greater value to Liverpool is his psychological insight and human approach to the manifold problems of the players, his facility for spotting prospective stars in raw youngsters, and his moulding of them into the finished article. His record provides ample evidence of this.” (Liverpool Echo: June 28, 1950)

Born: September 21, 1891: Manchester, England.
Passed away: April 18, 1954: Liverpool, England.

Position: Centre half.

Ancoats Lads Club: 1906.
Eccles Borough: 1907.
Bolton Wanderers: Signed: November 20, 1908.
Distillery: 1911.
West Ham United: Signed: July 1, 1919.
Stockport County: Signed: June 1, 1927.
Manager: Luton Town: Appointed: December 23, 1929.
Manager: Southampton: Appointed: May 31, 1931.
Manager: Liverpool: Appointed: August 6, 1936.
* Resigned: January 31, 1951.


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