The death of James Troop

May 25, 1954
Mr. James Troop, director of Liverpool F.C. and former captain of Woolton Golf Club, died this morning at his home at Mossley Hill, at the age of 68.

Jimmy Troop, as he was popularly known among a large circle of friends, had been a director of Liverpool since 1924, and though a man of few words, was a most conscientious and capable member of the Anfield board.

James Troop.

He had made a brave fight for many years against recurring ill-health, and had often attended the club’s games and board meetings contrary to medical advice. His most recent illness, however, was of short duration, and he had only been confined to bed for the past week.

Though he never said much, Jimmy Troop was an extremely sound judge of football, and his terse but pithy comments invariably hit the nail on the head. His death will be a big blow to Liverpool, who have now lost three directors in the past 12 months, the previous members being the late Ralph Knowles Milne and William Harvey Webb.

In addition to his football interest, Mr. Troop was a keen golfer. He had been a member of Woolton for over 20 years.

He was well-known also in business and ship-repairing business bearing his name. He leaves a widow, two sons and a married daughter.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: May 25, 1954)

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