The death of Jimmy Settle

June 1, 1954
Jimmy Settle the famous former Everton F.C., played died aged 78, at Bolton in hospital on Tuesday. (June 1). Jimmy Settle an inside forward, was a tubby player who dribbled on a sixpence. He came from Bolton and was the man who made the present Manchester United chairman Mr. Harold Hardman a brilliant left winger.

Settle was also one of the reasons why Sandy Young was such an outstanding centre forward. Settle was small in stature, but was a Hungarian box of tricks and most unselfish. In the old days Settle slipped away from Trainor Elliott, the night before a Cup-tie. The Everton chairman Dr William Whitford was furious and told him quite plainly of a prospective suspension. Settle slept the night on a couch downstairs and damaged his head but next day (in the words of the Everton chairman) “played the game of his life” and suspension was forgotten.

He was in 1906 Cup winning team against Newcastle United when Sandy Young scored the only goal of the match, in a team captained by John Taylor who died a year ago.
(Source: Liverpool Daily Post: June 4, 1954)

Jimmy Settle.

Jimmy Settle, Bolton Wanderers, Bury, Everton, Stockport County.
Jimmy Settle, Bolton Wanderers, Bury, Everton, Stockport County.

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