Everton F.C.: The annual meeting of 1954

June 23, 1954
Team Work And Team Management Did It (Chairman)
Having gained promotion and a handsome profit for the season just completed, it was only natural that the Everton F.C annual general meeting went off on a happy note at Central Hall last night. Unlike some of its predecessors which were somewhat stormy there was joy on the faces of the many faces of shareholders present and they heard Mr. E. Green, the chairman of the club put great stress on team work and policy of standing on youth to bring them back to the rightful place – the First Division.

In his review of the season Mr. Green said:
“Three years ago, at the annual general meeting I said we were determined as far as possible not to go into the transfer market. It is therefore very good to know that we achieved our ambition by sticking to that resolution. We have got back to Division 1 without buying players –and that is a matter of teamwork and team management.

“The person who is responsible for the teamwork is Mr. Britton. Make no mistake about that. It is through Mr. Britton that we have attained our ambition to get back into the First Division.
“It is also a very pleasing fact that the second team won the Central League championship”, added Mr. Green.

“That again was due to teamwork. The Central League is a very good League second only in the Football League.”

Great Satisfaction
Mr. Green went on:
“In that reserve side seven – sometimes nine – of the players came from the club’s junior ranks. Going a little further it was highly satisfactory to find that the “C” team won the West Cheshire League. Once again it was teamwork and team management.”

Referring to the successful tour of Denmark Mr. Green declared that not only did the team win all the four games played but raised the prestige of the club on the Continent. That also was due to teamwork.

“It was team work from start to finish” concluded Mr. Green.

Manager Britton in reply paid tribute to the directors past and present who approved the policy of giving the manner the chance to manage.
“They stood by that policy through many troubled spells, when it might have been more popular to have thrown but the policy –and the manager. They stood by that policy because they believed what they were doing was in the best interests of the club.” Mr. Britton went on to say.
“There is much more to do but I think we have justified – to extent the continence of the policy.

“Most teams have found that spending money is not the answer to team building. The majority of clubs are now adopting the same approach to the game and trying to build their teams of their own youth schemes. I am sure it will be good for the game because this business of big transfer fees makes it difficult for the players concerned to live up to the expected high standard.”

Mr. Britton paid a great tribute to the players for their devotion. training and their readiness to do themselves for the club.

Mr. Britton concludes with;
“It there is a happier club in the country they must be very happy indeed.”
He would make no forecast as to next season except to say that if the club continued to make their present efforts their success would be maintained. With that the three retiring directors Messrs C.E. Balmforth. N.W. Coffey and T.C. Nuttall were re-elected for a further three years.

Mr. Nuttall speaking on behalf of his colleagues thanked the shareholders for their confidence during the last three years.
“We have done what we considered best for the club, and will continued to do so.”

The meeting lasted 40 minutes.

The players are due to report for training on July 20 and the practice games is on August 14.
(Liverpool Echo: June 24, 1954)


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