Phil Taylor: Liverpool’s new coach

July 12, 1954
Phil Taylor, former Liverpool captain, who was given a free transfer by the Anfielders at the end of last season, has now been appointed full-time coach to the club, and takes up his new duties to-morrow.

Taylor should be a valuable asset to Liverpool in the big task which lies ahead of them in seeking to regain their senior status. Not only was he a most accomplished and stylish player throughout his 18 years as a member of the professional staff, but he also has the ability which not every star player possesses – of being able to pass on that knowledge to others by word of mouth as well as by example.

Many an outstanding player cannot get over to his pupils in the most lucid and convincing way what he wants to tell them. Teaching is not easy, in any phase of life, but Taylor has the knack of simplification and elucidation which means so much to those who are struggling to learn. His appointment may well start a new and overdue era in Anfield affairs.

Certainly, after what I saw of the back-stage preparations of several of the leading World Cup teams, I am a firmer believer than ever in the efficacy of thorough and businesslike coaching, so long as it is based in the right lines.

To ensure the latter Taylor has spent the past few days in earnest conferences with Walter Winterbotton, England’s team manager, to learn from him at first hand all the latest angles of training, tactics and so on that Winterbottom picked up in Switzerland.

The England team manager had much of interest to tell, and if Taylor can imbue the Anfield players with the same will to work and determination to achieve perfection, then the results of his appointment cannot be anything but encouraging.

It will need a long and a strong pull to extricate Liverpool from the Second Division. This full-time coaching appointment of Taylor’s is a step in the right direction.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: July 12, 1954)

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