Domestic changes at Liverpool F.C.

August 2, 1954
During the close season there have been several changes of a domestic character at Anfield. First, congratulations to three former bachelors who have taken the plunge and each led a bride to the altar during the summer. These are Laurie Hughes, Charles Ashcroft and Alan Arnell.

There has also been a “general post” in the way of housing accommodation. Frank Lock has gone into the house formerly occupied by Eddie Spicer, Dave Underwood has followed Cyril Done as one of the club’s tenants, Arnell has taken over that which Jack Smith had before he signed for Torquay, and Ashcroft will shortly be entering the one occupied by Kevin Baron, who will move to Southend in the next few days.

Bill Jones will also be watching a club house in the near future, and John Evans, who at the moment is in lodgings here, will take over the tenancy.

The only Liverpool players now travelling for training are Tom McNulty and Roy Saunders, who come from Manchester daily. In due course they, too may become “naturalised” Merseysiders.

Geoff Twentyman has been in a club dwelling since the end of last season. He took over the house formerly allotted to George Whitworth, who had to give up football following a cartilage operation. Whitworth is now nicely settled in a country “pub” at Ilkeston, in Derbyshire, his native place.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 2, 1954)

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