Liverpool mean business

August 2, 1954
At nearly all Football League centers training for the coming football season is more intensive and thorough than in any post-war season. There seems to be a determination everywhere that nothing shall be left undone which is likely to ensure improved displays in the months ahead.

Liverpool players have had quite a tough breaking-in during the past fortnight with regular afternoon as well as morning sessions, and the players are reported to be in excellent shape physically.

Starting from to-day, however, training will be relaxed somewhat from the purely physical viewpoint. Having achieved maximum physical fitness and stamina, the future aim will be concentrated more on ball play, with the idea of building up team work and combination and mastering all the manifold finer arts of the game which count for so much when done efficiently and automatically at the speed which is necessary in these days. Short sprints will also figure prominently in the work planned for the next fortnight.

In short, Liverpool mean to start the season as fully prepared as possible with the players already on their books. Personally, I still feel that the prospects of regaining senior status would be brighter with a more adequate staff numerically.

On the thin side
With only 30 professionals, of whom six are either the Forces or part-timers there seems too little margin to cover all possibile eventualities. With few exceptions, all the other Second Division clubs have more professionals at their command. Some have 40 or more. Though quality is always better than quantity, Liverpool might find themselves in trouble raising a really strong side if they ran into a crop of injuries to their more experienced players.

This point, of course, has been considered by the board, and during the past month or so inquiries have been made regarding several players, mainly promising ones attached to Third Division clubs, with a view to possible future needs.

So far nobody has been available at a price which is considered reasonable, and as the club does not intend to pay exorbitant fees, the position remains unchanged, at least for the time being.

There is a feeling behind the scenes that the preset staff will put up a good show providing they have an even break of luck and reasonable freedom from injuries. While that may be so, and nobody hopes more earnestly than I that it will be, the fact remains that those are things which nobody can forecast or guarantee. I should feel decidedly happier about Liverpool’s future if there was adequate cover now for all possibilities.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 2, 1954)

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