Plymouth Argyle v Liverpool 1-0 (League match: August 23, 1954)

August 23, 1954
Key note: “The first thing that Liverpool must realise in their new environs is that Second Division defences do not stand on ceremony. They are quick to tackle, and very determined about getting the ball, and any opposition thinking in terms of an easy time will soon know that such is not the case. Whatever Liverpool do in the future they must be sure that they make the quick pass before the opposition comes in with a relentlessness which will knock any smooth pattern on the head. The Plymouth half-backs went in with knife-edge keenness, and this had the effect of preventing Liverpool from moving in their normal manner. Don’t think for one moment that Plymouth were over robust – they were not – but they were determined to get the ball. This was one of the reasons why the Anfielders lost by the only goal. The Plymouth defence cut into their workings with a keenness that checked any ideas of providing smooth and progressive combination.” (Liverpool Echo: August 24, 1954)

Match: Football League, Second Division, at Home Park, kick-off: 18:30.
Plymouth Argyle – Liverpool 1-0 (1-0).
Attendance: 25,574.
Plymouth Argyle (2-3-5): Bill Shortt, Paddy Ratcliffe, Arthur Morgan, Rex Tilley, George Robertson, Tony McShane, Keith Thomas, Sammy McCrory, Neil Langman, Johnny Porteous, Ernie Edds.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Dave Underwood, Tom McNulty, Frank Lock, Barry Wilkinson, Laurie Hughes, Geoff Twentyman, Brian Jackson, Tony Rowley, Louis Bimpson, John Evans, Billy Liddell.
The goal: 1-0 Thomas (23 min.).


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