Bristol Rovers v Liverpool 3-0 (League match: September 6, 1954)

September 6, 1954
Key note: “Liverpool are going down the hill fast. They have made a much worse start to the Second Division that Everton did three years ago, for although the Blues were also fourth from bottom at one period, they were getting a better proportion of points from their fixtures than Liverpool. Something drastic must be done if the Anfielders are to save themselves the ignominy of a fight against the Third Division. I have got heartily tired of reiterating the same warning over the past few years. The position has been allowed to drift until it has now become desperately dangerous. There has been far too much wishful thinking and procrastination, as this column has so often remarked. In the latest defeat last night at Bristol the Reds once again started promisingly, but failed to last the pace. If this keeps on the future is grim indeed. Other senior clubs have fallen to the Third Division, and though it may seem too early to talk about that now, the results and performances so far point their own moral. Not for fifty years have Liverpool been in so desperate position as they now are.” (Liverpool Echo: September 7, 1954)

Match: Football League, Second Division, at Eastville Stadium, kick-off: 18:15.
Bristol Rovers – Liverpool 3-0 (2-0).
Attendance: 25,574.
Bristol Rovers (2-3-5): Howard Radford, Harry Bamford, Les Edwards, Jackie Pitt, Ray Warren, Peter Sampson, George Petherbridge, Paddy Hale, Geoff Bradford, Bill Roost, Peter Hooper.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Dave Underwood, Tom McNulty, Frank Lock, Barry Wilkinson, Laurie Hughes, Geoff Twentyman, Jimmy Payne, Eric Anderson, Alan Arnell, John Evans, Billy Liddell.
The goals: 1-0 Bradford (40 min.), 2-0 Bradford (42 min.), 3-0 Bradford (85 min.).

Geoff Bradford, Bristol Rovers (Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer: September 7, 1954).


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