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About James Gorman:
“He stands 5 feet 8½ inches, and weighs 11 stone 5 pounds, so that he is well equipped naturally for a footballer. A moulder by trade he has learnt to endure the frowns of fortune with stoical fortitude, and we trust he will continue to develop his football abilities, so as to be able to fill the centre half back’s post without detriment to his club’s welfare. As a quoiter he has won several prizes, and by this means keep himself fit during the close season. He has a decided preference for the post of pivot of the intermediate line, and from what we have seen of his play in this city, we are of the opinion that this is his correct position. With the confidence begotten of wider experience we are inclined to think that Gorman will for some years be a prominent performer in the ranks of the Liverpool Club.”
(Source: Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: September 2, 1907)

Born: May 17, 1882: Middlesbrough (Yorkshire), England.
Passed away: December, 1955: Middlesbrough (Yorkshire), England.

Position: Centre half.

Height: 175 cm. (5ft. 8½in.);
Weight: 74 kilos (11st. 9lb.).
* Source: Athletic News: December 30, 1907.

St. Mary’s.
Newport Celtic: 1901.
South Bank: 1902.
Darlington St. Augustine’s. 1904.
Liverpool: Signed amateur forms: April, 1905.
* Registered with the FA: April 28, 1905.
* eligible for Liverpool F.C. in official matches: September 14, 1905.
* Re-registered with the FA: April 14, 1906.
* Re-registered with the FA: April 13, 1907.
** Transferred to Leicester Fosse.
Leicester Fosse: Signed: May 5, 1908.
* Registered with the FA: May 6, 1908.
* On transfer list.
** Transferred to Hartlepools United.
Hartlepools United: Signed: July 6, 1910.
Stockton: 1911.

Football League First Division Winner: 1905-06 (Liverpool).
Liverpool Senior Cup Winner: 1905-06 (Liverpool).

James Gorman, Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News: February 25, 1907).

James Gorman, Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News: October 28, 1907).

** 1911 Census, shows James Gorman (aged 28), living with his wife Susan (married for five years) – and their children: Mary Agnes (5), Dorothy Elizabeth (3), and Clara (1). James’s occupation is “professional footballer”. The whole family is born in Middlesbrough with the exception of Dorothy Elizabeth (born in Liverpool). Family is living at 14, Emerald Street, Middlesbrough.

His signature on the 1911 Census.
James Gorman signature

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