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Born: January 23, 1868: Hyson Green, Nottingham, England.
Passed away: January 8, 1955: Great Crosby (Lancashire), England.

Position: Centre forward.

Height: 1,58 metres.
Weight: 60 kilos.

Balmoral (Nottingham): 1885.
Notts Rangers: 1886.
Grimsby Town: 1887.
Notts Rangers: 1887.
Notts County: 1888.
Notts Rangers, 1888.
Everton: 1889.
Liverpool: Signed: May 17, 1895.
* registered with the Football League as a Liverpool F.C. player: May 18, 1895.
* eligible for Liverpool F.C. in official matches: September 1, 1895.
* re-signed contract: April 10, 1896.
* Re-signed and registered with the Football Association: September 7, 1901.
Groundsman: Everton.

North v South trials 1-2 (v. South: January 12, 1891).
Football League Winner: 1890-91 (Everton).
Football League Second Division Winner: 1895-96 (Liverpool).
Liverpool Cup winner: 1891-92 (Everton).

Liverpool Echo (1891).

Field Sports: January 25, 1892.
Fred Geary

Leeds Mercury: January 28, 1893.
Fred Geary 1893

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