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About Harold Uren:
“Standing 5ft. 10in., and weighing 12st., he is a promising specimen of a well built athlete, and in his recent trials he has shown that his football abilities are of no mean order. He can centre the ball splendidly, especially when playing on the left wing, and is in command of a few tricks that enable him to baffle the attentions of the opposing defence. To reach the highest flights, however, it will be necessary for him to increase his speed, and a study of the methods of such a graceful player as Arthur Goddard, whose course of actions is determined upon before the ball reaches him, would exercise a beneficial effect also. Experience alone will bring the finished player, and Uren has shown himself deserving of further trials with the Leaguers.”
(Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: December 7, 1907)

“Formerly an amateur, but joined the professional ranks two years ago. A really clever outside left or right. Very speedy, and centres in wonderfully effective fashion.”
(Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: November 16, 1911)

Born: August 23, 1885: Clifton, Bristol, in England.
Passed away: April 7, 1955: West Kirby, in England.
Funeral: April 12, 1955: West Kirby Methodist Church.

Position: Outside left or right.

Height: (5ft. 10in.)
Weight: (12st.).
* (Source: Joint Everton & Liverpool Programme: December 7, 1907)

Liverpool Institute school.
Caldy Grange Grammar School.
New Brighton Juniors.
New Brighton Wesleyans.
West Kirby, 1902.
Liverpool: Signed amateur form: 1905.
Wrexham, 1906.
Liverpool: Signed amateur form: October 4, 1907.
Hoylake, 1908.
Liverpool: Signed amateur form: 1908.
Wrexham: Signed: 1908.
Liverpool: Signed: 1909.
Everton, 1912.
Wrexham: Signed: May 12, 1913.
Lochgelly United.

England Amateurs Trial: (February 10, 1908).
Welsh FA Cup Winner: 1913-14 (Wrexham).

Harold Uren, Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News: November 18, 1907):

Source: Joint Everton and Liverpol Match Programme, 16-11-1911.

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