Liverpool F.C. appointments

August 2, 1955
Mr. McInnes becomes secretary and Bill Liddell captain
Liverpool F.C. directors, holding their first meeting of the new season last night, appointed Mr. Jimmy McInnes as secretary in succession to the late Mr. John Charles Rouse, chose Billy Liddell as captain, and re-elected Messrs. William John Harrop and Thomas Valentine Williams (T.V. Williams) as chairman and vice-chairman for the third successive year.

The board’s decision in the case of the secretarial vacancy will be warmly welcomed by all who know Jimmy McInnes and his sound capabilities in so many directions. Mr. McInnes has been acting secretary since the sudden and untimely death of John Charles Rouse, and has fulfilled the duties admirably for the past six months.

Jimmy McInnes.
Jimmy McInnes 1935

I have known him since he first came to Liverpool as a left half back from Third Lanark in 1937, at the age of 26, carrying in his baggage a collection of bulky science text-books.

His ambition then was to become a B.Sc. He had been studying for some time at Glasgow University with this in mind and soon after his arrival here became a student at Liverpool University.

He also went straight into the Anfield senior side, and so impressed the late George Kay, then Liverpool manager, that the latter convinced him it would be best to make football a full-time occupation and give up the idea of a scientific degree. This he did, but soon after came the war to upset things and cut a big chunk out of his soccer career.

At the end of hostilities he joined the Anfield coaching staff, and later went on to the office organisation, for which his earlier student days had adequately fitted him.

Now he steps into the secretarial post, with the good wishes of his many friends for a long and successful career.

Liddell’s honour.
The appointment of Billy Liddell as captain is a well-deserved honour for one of the finest players and most loyal servants the Anfield club has ever had.

This is the first time Liddell has held the position, though he has been acting-captain and held the latter berth for a large part of last season when Laurie Hughes was injured.

Since the war Liverpool’s skippers have been Willie Fagan (one season), Jack Balmer (three), Phil Taylor (three), and Bill Jones and Laurie Hughes one campaign each.

“I appreciate the appointment very much,” said Liddell this morning.
“All I hope now is that fortune will be on our side in the months ahead and that I shall have the honour of leading the team back to where it really belongs – the First Division.”

Billy Liddell.
Billy Liddell

Chairman re-elected.
The directors also unanimously asked Mr. William John Harrop to continue as their chairman for another year, and Mr. T.V. Williams to act as his deputy.

Mr. Harrop was previously chairman of the club from 1935 to 1941 and has done much valuable work for Liverpool since joining the board 29 years ago.

A wise and far-seeing administrator, he is well-known in Soccer’s legislative circles for his ability to see all the side of a difficult problem and his willingness to listen patiently to the other fellow’s point of view.

When it comes to making a decision, however, there is no equivocation about him. It is always clear just where he stands, and, once convinced of the correctness of his decision he will stick to his guns through thick and thin whether the decision is a popular one or not.

An accountant by profession, he has brought to the government of Liverpool a wide knowledge of sound commercial methods which has been of inestimable value to the club, while he has few superiors as a judge of football and its players, or in his accurate reading of a game.

Liverpool first.
Mr. William John Harrop is also a vice-president of the Football League, a member of its Management Committee, and a member of the FA Council, and some of the most important committees.

Recently he was nominated for the vacant presidency of the Football League, but withdrew his name, when practically assured of election had he gone forward, in order to devote his energies to the affairs of Liverpool.

His one ambition now, having sacrificed the biggest honour which football can bring, is to see Liverpool back in their rightful sphere in the First Division. I hope he gets his wish this coming season.

Mr. T.V. Williams. Although he has been on the Anfield board only since 1948, has proved himself remarkably keen and go-ahead official, and is one of the most travelled directorial “scouters” on behalf of the club.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 3, 1955)

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