Footballers v. bowlers at Lower Breck Bowling Green

August 3, 1955
Many a time disgruntled football followers, coming away from a disappointing game, have been heard to remark with scorn that the team they supporter “couldn’t beat a side of old-age-pensioners.” Nevertheless, they are always there next time, ready to forgive and forget and full of hope of better things.

To-morrow (Thursday) one of our two senior soccer sides actually meet the old-age pensioners in friendly combat, though the match will neither prove nor falsify the saying above, for the encounter takes place on the bowling green.

It is the annual meeting between a team of Liverpool F.C. players and the Anfield Old Age Pensioners’ Club, to be staged at Lower Breck Bowling Green, startling at two o’clock.

This annual affair is always productive of a very warm social spirit, much good fun, and very often excellent bowling. Most of this, however, comes from the old-stagers some of whom are very crafty and skilled exponents.

A collection will be taken during the match in aid of the funds of the pensioners’ club, and I hope that all who can will go along and support this venture. It should be an enjoyable afternoon.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 3, 1955)

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