Liverpool lessons

August 15, 1955
Liverpool F.C.’s trial showed three things of great importance – that John Evans is playing better than ever; that Laurie Hughes is well nigh fit again after his operation, and that Alan A’Court, as a close controller of the ball is without a peer in League football.

Evans, despite a change of one of his boots, played as though he were thoroughly in love with football and its opportunities to allow him to use his most priceless possession – the feint. Hughes, “steaming” a little even after he dressed was happy because all was well, and given freedom from injury, he may yet come back to fill the England pivotal position which has created such problems since he last appeared there; A’Court, although not taking risks, made some glorious runs, and besides getting a goal with a cute head deflection deserved others from the power of his shots.

All told it was a rousing match after a rather tame opening and if earnestness and enthusiasm is an criterion Liverpool’s youngsters will satisfy.

Signed at once
Liverpool signed on professional forms, after a match in which Reds beat Whites by 4-0, 23-years-old Denaby goalkeeper David Jones. He is tall and has the red hair of a Sam Bartram and one of his saves earned a pat on the back from full back Ray Lambert.

Alan Arnell had a magnificent match. Here is a Liverpool forward who has developed in speed, physique and ability. He looks to be a very handy man to have around the place and it would be nice to see him get his big football chance.

With Billy Liddell back Liverpool may well start well. In Evans, Liddell and A’Court they have three tip-top forwards and Eric Anderson, in more practical mood, could make the number four.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 15, 1955; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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