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About Billy Watson:

Born: September 11, 1890: North Meols (Lancashire), England.
** His birth certificate says he was given the name Richard Watson.
Passed away: September 1, 1955: Southport (Lancashire), England.

Position: Left half.

Height: (5ft. 7½in.);
Weight: (11st. 9lb.).

Blowick Wesleyans: 1906.
Southport Central: 1907.
** Transferred to Burnley for £200.
Burnley: Signed: March, 1909.
*** War time guest: Southport.
*** War time guest Fulham.
Accrington Stanley: 1925.
Blackburn Rovers: 1926.

England A 3-0 (v. Scotland: April 5, 1913; v. Ireland: February 14, 1914; v. Ireland. October 25, 1919).
Football League XI 5-0.
Football League First Division Winner: 1920-21 (Burnley).
FA Cup Winner: 1913-14 (Burnley).
Lancashire Cup Winner: 1914-15 (Burnley).



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