Liverpool v West Ham United 3-1 (League match: October 15, 1955)

October 15, 1955
Match: Football League, Second Division, at Anfield.
Liverpool – West Ham United 3-1 (2-1).
Attendance: 32,187.
Liverpool (2-3-5):
West Ham United (2-3-5):
The goals:

The Liverpool Goals: A’Court (13 min.), Payne (36 min.), 3-1 Liddell (82 min.).

Dr. Soccer
Diagnosis. – Liverpool: Wings in tip-top condition. Inside forwards off colour. West Ham: Right flank virile but forwards off target. Halves please note…not one good through pass the whole match.
Chart: –
Throw-in: Liverpool 32 (seven reached opponents), W Ham 31 (three reached opponents).
Goal kicks: Liverpool 17 (seven reached opponents), W Ham 11 (four reached opponents).
Corners: Liverpool 7 (5 left, 2 right), W Ham 7 (4 left, 3 right).
Misplaced passes: Liverpool 23 (backs 6, halves 4, forwards 13), W Ham 23 (backs 6, halves 7, forwards 10).
Goal attempts: Liverpool 16 (3 goals, Payne, A’Court, Liddell. 6 shots wide, seven saved), W Ham 14 (1 goal, Hooper, ten shots wide, 3 saved).
Free kicks: Liverpool 6, W Ham 8

Cure. – Liverpool: Give inside men practice in nursing the ball. Tell goalkeeper Rudham to ignore crowd and continue to throw the ball when practicable. West Ham: Inject forwards with a little more “devil,” and remind them the quickest way to goal is down the middle.
(Daily Express: October 17, 1955)

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