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“To see this dashing left winger careering along the touch line at Anfield Road, and flashing the ball in front of the posts – as he alone can, when in his best humour – is one of those privileges connected with League football, of which we should be sorry to be deprived.

“Undoubtedly he is a difficult player to combine with, and Edgar Chadwick was one of the best inside men for him, that Liverpool have ever possessed. Variable in his moods, he becomes brilliant when acting in conjunction with a sympathetic comrade, and if the latter be a genius in organization, the Cox is seen at his best – being a better follower than a leader – and he can utilise an opportunity more effectively than the majority of left wingers.

“His great weakness is a tendency to over elaboration when in possession of the ball, but when the mood is on him, there is no hesitation; no finessing to discover the way towards goal. This is Cox, in his International humour, and when such is the case, the opposing defence know about it. With a forceful partner, Cox will always be a difficult player to beat, but when it is a question of imitation on his part, matters do not always work out satisfactorily. Nevertheless, as a local production, we are delighted to set forth his excellencies, and the fact that he has gained, what we consider the highest honour in the football world – his Scotch Cap – is sufficient to neutralize his failings whatever they might be.”
(Source: Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: October 1, 1904)

Born: December 21, 1877: Liverpool (Lancashire), England.
** In the 1939 Lancashire Register his birth date is given at November 21, 1877.
Passed away: November 11, 1955: Walton-on-Thames (Surrey), England.

Position: Outside left, also played outside right.

Height: 176 cm. (5ft. 9in.);
Weight: 77 kilos (12st. 1lb.).
** Source: Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: October 1, 1904.

South Shore Standard F.C.
Blackpool, 1897.
* 1897-98: 17-12 (Football League 2); 1-0 (FA Cup).
** Transferred to Liverpool for £150.
Liverpool: Signed: February 23, 1898.
* News of Cox’s transfer was presented in media on December 24, 1897.
* registered with the Football League: February 24, 1898.
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches: March 3, 1898.
* re-signed for Liverpool: May 1, 1899.
Blackpool: Signed: June, 1909.
England A 3-0: (v. Ireland: March 9, 1901; v. Scotland: April 5, 1902; v. Scotland: May 3, 1902; v. Scotland: April 4, 1903).
English League XI ?-?: (v. Scottish League: March 8, 1902)
Football League First Division Winner: 1900-01 (Liverpool), 1905-06 (Liverpool).
Football League Second Division Winner: 1904-05 (Liverpool).
Sheriff of London Charity Cup Winner: 1905-06 (Liverpool).
Liverpool Cup Winner: 1904-05 (Liverpool).

Jack Cox

Jack Cox 1902

1905 Sketch Jack Cox 21 October Echo

Cox and Crook 1905

Census’ information:
* According to the 1881 census, John is the second of three children to Irish parents William and Sarah and they live 43 Robson Street in Everton, West Derby. His father is a bootmaker.
* According to the 1891 census, John and his younger brother William, are living with their widowed mother, Sarah, at 54 Albert Street in Layton with Warbeck, Blackpool. They have three lodgers. His mother is a washerwoman.
* According to the 1901 census, and now a footballer, John and William, are still living with their widowed mother at 14 Duke Street in Blackpool.
* According to the 1911 census, John Thomas is a professional footballer married to Elizabeth Ann with one daughter, Marjorie Barrett, living at 2 Oxford Road in Blackpool.
* According to the 1939 register, John and Elizabeth A. remain married, living at 37 Park Road Drive in Blackburn. He is a retired Turf Commissioner Agent.
(The above information is collected from



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