Reds must not take any risks

December 9, 1955
Liverpool, home to Barnsley to-morrow, have the opportunity to further consolidate their steadily improving position in the Second Division, and lay one more foundation stone towards the eventual strong bid for promotion which their supporters hope to see in the closing stages of the season’s campaign.

Victory against the Yorkshire side would be the sixth successive win at Anfield and make it eight consecutive games with only one point sacrificed. If the points return from away fixtures can be improved the Reds should be in the running with a good chance, providing they maintain their home record on the same scale as they have been doing in the past two months.

Although Barnsley have not made anything like the splash in the Second Division that their fellow – promotionists, Bristol City, have been doing, considering the way they have been hit by injuries they are satisfied with the showing made this season.

Manager Tim Ward, the former Derby County half-back, who has been in charge at Barnsley since the death of Mr. Angus Seed, is this season fielding the youngest side to represent the club for many seasons.

Local discoveries
The average age is only 25 and seven of the players who have appeared in recent games are local discoveries.

Barnsley have yet to win an away match, though they have drawn five of their ten fixtures on opponents’ grounds, in which they have scored seven goals to 21 by the opposition. Blackburn Rovers and Fulham each got five against them.

There was a time when Barnsley had the reputation of being a tough and rugged side. That, however, is not the case now. No longer are they known as the “Barnsley Bashers.”

They believe that in the long run good football pays best. Of recent years this is what they have been endeavouring to play, and from all accounts with a fair amount of success.

The outstanding personalities in their side this campaign have been Arthur Kaye, who played for England’s Under-23 team recently against Denmark at Portsmouth, and Bob Brown, a Scotsman and clever schemer. Chappell, who was well among the goals last winter, has had only seven games, and has yet to find the net for the first time.

While on paper this match might seem certain to provide a Liverpool victory, especially remembering what the Reds did to the much fancied Fulham side, the Anfielders must not underestimate the sie of their task.

That is often the root cause of shock results, and we don’t want one of those at this stage of Liverpool’s upward progress. If they are to make a promotion bid every point from now on is vital.

Liverpool: Dave Underwood, John Molyneux, Ronnie Moran, Roy Saunders, Laurie Hughes, Geoff Twentyman, Jimmy Payne, Alan Arnell, Billy Liddell, John Evans, Alan A’Court.
Barnsley (probable): Harry Hough, Colin Swift, Barrie Betts, Bobby Wood, Duncan Sharp, Henry Walters, Arthur Kaye, Tommy Lumley, Lol Chappell, Bob Brown, Frank Bartlett.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: December 9, 1955; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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