Gerard Powys Dewhurst (Gerard Dewhurst or G.P. Dewhurst)

Dewhurst in media.

About G.P. Dewhurst:

Born: February 14 – 1872, in Mayfair.
Passed away: March 29 – 1956.

Position: Centre forward.


London Casuals, October – 1890.
Cambridge University, December – 1890.
Old Reptonians, December – 1891.
Corinthians, December – 1891.
Repton and Trinity (Cambridge) – February – 1892.
Corinthians, March – 1892.
Cambridge University, October – 1892.
Corinthians, November – 1892.
Repton and Trinity (Cambridge), November – 1892.
Corinthians, January – 1892.
Repton and Trinity (Cambridge), February – 1893.
Crusaders, April 1893.
Corinthians, April – 1893.
Repton and Trinity (Cambridge), February – 1894.
Liverpool, signed, February 24 – 1894;
* registered with the Football League, February 25 – 1894;
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches, March 1 – 1894.

Corinthians, December – 1894.
Liverpool Ramblers, March – 1895.

England A, 1 cap / 0 goals: (18.03.1895 v. Wales).

Wells Journal, February 7 – 1895.
GP Dewhurst


  1. I think we can ignore the references to GP Dewhurst as Gerlad: they’re surely mistakes. It’s true that the Cambridge University Alumni 1261-1900 calls him Gerald Powys Dewhurst. And he’s Gerald in the Daily Express 11 Feb 1931 (‘Mr Gerald P. Dewhurst, chairman of Williams Deacon’s Bank’) and 14 Feb 1935 (‘Mr. Gerald P. Dewhurst, at the meeting of Williams Deacon’s Bank.) – but these are just slip-ups: the 27 Jan 1939 edition of the same newspaper calls him ‘Gerard Powys Dewhurst, chairman of Williams Deacon’s Bank’. And it’s Gerard in many, many other sources, starting with the Repton School Register: Gerard Powys Dewhurst, son of GB Dewhurst. Gerard also in the 1881 Census: Gerard Powys Dewhurst, born 1872, son of George Bakewell Dewhurst. There’s no Gerald Dewhurst in the same Census – or in the Births Marriages and Deaths register, which confirms Gerard Powys Dewhurst (birth registered St. Geo. H. Sq. Jan-March 1872). 1891, 1901, and 1911 Censuses also Gerard Powys Dewhurst. And The Standard (London) 15 June 1894: Cambridge degrees, including a BA for Gerard Powys Dewhurst, Trinity. York Herald 16 June 1894: Cambridge degrees, including a BA for Gerard Poweys Dewhurst, Trinity. The Times obits 31 March 1956: ‘Mr. G.P. Dewhurst…Gerard Powys was born in 1872, the son of George Bakewell Dewhurst, of Oughtrington Park, Cheshire…Repton and Trinity College, Cambridge…a blue for Association football, and an international cap in 1884 [! when he was 12 !]’ A website dedicated to old trains shows a photo of a steam train (!) ‘Gerard Powys-Dewhurst’ at Hucknall Central 1958. Many other train websites: Gerard Powys Dewhurst. A local history website: ‘George Powys Dewhurst applied to the Council in late 1900 to keep quantities of calcium carbide at Oughtrington House to use in the lights of his newly acquired motor vehicle.’ GP’s father George Bakewell Dewhurst lived at Oughtrington House, so George Powys Dewhurst must be a relative. A military website: Major John Powys Dewhurst son of Captain Gerard Powys Dewhurst. The Times 23 Jan 1920: Captain Gerard Powys Dewhurst of Williams Deacon’s Bank, and the obit: ‘chairman of Williams Deacon’s Bank, Manchester, for more than 30 years until his retirement in 1949’. No Gerald Powys in any directories on Historical Directories website, but Gerard Powys several times, e.g. Slater’s Manchester Directory 1903: Dewhurst Gerard Powys merchant. Slater’s Manchester Directory 1909: Dewhurst Gerard Powys esq, Oughtrington park, Lymm – and Gerard Powys Dewhurst a director of The London Assurance [The Times obit: chairman of Manchester Royal Exchange and ‘extraordinary director’ of Royal Bank of Scotland.’]. The Times 26 July 1930, 26 Sep 1933, 1 Feb 1935: Gerard P. Dewhurst, chairman of Williams Deacon’s Bank. Ed. 28 Jan 1927: Gerard Dewhurst, chairman of Williams Deacon’s Bank.

    All the best,


      1. Glad to be of some use.

        He had to be more than an amateur footballer – because he wasn’t a very good one! In his only match for England, he did a few good things before half time, but was ‘not up to international form.’ That was the last all-amateur England senior team. Time for the professionals to show how it was done!

        All the best,


      2. I have not added the articles I have for 1894 and 1895 yet, but I know when he played for Liverpool there was talk of him having his own changing room because of the amateur/professional problem. When he played for LFC many of his team mates at Corinthians played for Notts County.


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