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Goddard is a clever dribbler, beats a half-back very smartly, and centres with excellent judgment. He is also a good shot, and plays the game most intelligently. At first he does not look fast, but his long strides take him over the ground quickly, and as an all-round player he has large possibilities.(Lancashire Evening Post: March 1, 1902).

“Arthur Goddard has been the most consistent of the forward line. He has always been ready to go that last yard, whereas he previously seemed to ease up where he now bustles and hampers the defence. He is a graceful player is Goddard, and when one sees him trip along the touch-line could imagine him gliding on ice. He is an artistic footballer, and nothing but the ultra-excellence of the outside right of other clubs kept him from being recognised in the internationals.”
(Liverpool Football Echo: April 21, 1906).

Born: June 14, 1876: Heaton Norris (Cheshire), England.
Passed away: May 27, 1956: Liverpool (Lancashire), England.
** Note: The official match programme for Liverpool claimed in a presentation of Goddard in 1904 that he was born in 1879 in Stockport.

Position: Outside right, played centre half during WW1.

Height: 177 cm. (5ft. 9½in.);
Weight: 74 kilos (11st. 8lb.).
** Source: Athletic News: December 30, 1907.

Christ Church (Stockport), 1894.
Stockport County, 1897.
** Transferred to Glossop for £260.
Glossop,: Signed: August. 1899.
** Transferred to Liverpool for £460 (then a record fee paid by any club).
Liverpool: Signed: February 24. 1902.
* Registered with the Football Association: February 26, 1902.
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches: March 3, 1902.
** Transferred to Cardiff City.
Cardiff City: Signed: May 8, 1914.
*** War time guest Liverpool.

FA North XI 1-0.
English League ?-? (v. Irish League: November 9, 1901).
Football League First Division Winner: 1905-06 (Liverpool).
Football League Second Division Winner: 1904-05 (Liverpool).
Sheriff of London Charity Shield Winner: 1905-06 (Liverpool).
Liverpool Senior Cup Winner: 1904-05 (Liverpool), 1905-06 (Liverpool).

Lancashire Evening Post: December 9, 1899.

Arthur Goddard, Glossop, Stockport County, Liverpool.
Arthur Goddard, Glossop, Stockport County, Liverpool.

Sunderland Daily Echo: January 2, 1904.
Arthur Goddard 1904

Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: October 3, 1908.
Arthur Goddard 1908

Sheffield Evening Telegraph: November 6, 1908.

Liverpool Echo: May 8, 1914
Arthur Goddard

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