Liverpool F.C. staff list for 1956-57

August 18, 1956
Liverpool F.C. staff list for 1956-57:

Alan A’Court.
Signed as professional: September 24, 1952;
Height: (5ft. 8½in.);
Weight: (10st. 4lb.);
Birthplace: Rainhill;
Previous club: Prescot Cables.

Eric Anderson.
Signed as professional: January 8, 1952;
Height: (5ft. 8½in.);
Weight: (9st. 12lb.);
Birthplace: Manchester;
Previous club: Army football.

Alan Arnell.
Signed as professional: March 22, 1954;
Height: (6ft. 1in.);
Weight: (12st. 8lb.);
Birthplace: Chichester;
Previous club: Sussex Youth.

John Arkwright.
Signed as professional: September 4, 1954;
Height: (6ft.);
Weight: (12st.);
Birthplace: St. Helens;
Previous club: St. Helens.

Louis Bimpson.
Signed as professional: January 28, 1953;
Height: (6ft.);
Weight: (12st. 4lb.);
Birthplace: Rainford;
Previous club: Burscough.

Keith Burkinshaw.
Signed as professional: November 16, 1953;
Height: (5ft. 11¼in.);
Weight: (11st. 10lb.);
Birthplace: Higham;
Previous club: Denaby United.

Don Campbell.
Signed as professional: November 27, 1950;
Height: (5ft. 7½in.);
Weight: (10st. 10lb.);
Birthplace: Bootle;
Previous club: Bootle Schools.

Bobby Campbell.
Signed as professional: May 11, 1954;
Height: (5ft. 8¼in.);
Weight: (11st. 11lb.);
Birthplace: Liverpool;
Previous club: Liverpool Schools.

Joe Dickson.
Signed as professional: June 3, 1952;
Height: (5ft. 7in.);
Weight: (11st. 7lb.);
Birthplace: Liverpool;
Previous club: Liverpool Schools.

John Evans.
Signed as professional: December 26, 1953;
Height: (5ft. 10in.);
Weight: (10st. 7lb.);
Birthplace: London;
Previous club: Charlton Athletic.

Laurie Hughes.
Signed as professional: February 19, 1943;
Height: (6ft.);
Weight: (12st. 7lb.);
Birthplace: Liverpool;
Previous club: Tranmere Rovers.

Brian Jackson.
Signed as professional: November 4, 1951;
Height: (5ft. 7¾in.);
Weight: (10st. 6lb.);
Birthplace: Walton-on-Thames;
Previous club: Leyton Orient.

Billy Liddell.
Signed as professional: April 17, 1939;
Height: (5ft. 10¾in.);
Weight: (13st. 3lb.);
Birthplace: Dunfermline;
Previous club: Lochgelly Violet.

Tom McNulty.
Signed as professional: February 22, 1954;
Height: (5ft. 7in.);
Weight: (13st. 7lb.);
Birthplace: Salford;
Previous club: Manchester United.

Jimmy Melia.
Signed as professional: November 1, 1954;
Height: (5ft. 7in.);
Weight: (10st. 4lb.);
Birthplace: Liverpool;
Previous club: Liverpool Schools.

John Molyneux.
Signed as professional: June 23, 1955;
Height: (5ft. 11in.);
Weight: (12st.);
Birthplace: Warrington;
Previous club: Chester.

Ronnie Moran.
Signed as professional: January 7, 1952;
Height: (5ft. 9½in.);
Weight: (13st. 2lb.);
Birthplace: Liverpool;
Previous club: Crosby Schools.

Fred Perry.
Signed as professional: July 19, 1954;
Height: (5ft. 11in.);
Weight: (11st. 5lb.);
Birthplace: Cheltenham;
Previous club: Worthing.

Con Phillips.
Signed as professional: June 1, 1955;
Height: (5ft. 7in.);
Weight: (11st.);
Birthplace: Liverpool;
Previous club: Liverpool Schools.

John Price.
Signed as professional: October 7, 1954;
Height: (5ft. 10in.);
Weight: (11st. 7lb.);
Birthplace: Wolverhampton;
Previous club: Stafford Rangers.

Tony Rowley.
Signed as professional: October 17, 1953;
Height: (6ft.);
Weight: (12st. 3lb.);
Birthplace: Porth;
Previous club: Stourbridge.

Roy Saunders.
Signed as professional: May 19, 1948;
Height: (5ft. 6in.);
Weight: (10st. 9lb.);
Birthplace: Salford;
Previous club: Hull City.

Alex South.
Signed as professional: December 10, 1954;
Height: (5ft. 11½in.);
Weight: (10st. 10lb.);
Birthplace: Brighton;
Previous club: Brighton and Hove Albion.

Geoff Twentyman.
Signed as professional: December 17, 1953;
Height: (5ft. 10¾in.);
Weight: (12st. 1lb.);
Birthplace: Carlisle;
Previous club: Carlisle United.

Dick White.
Signed as professional: November 10, 1955;
Height: (6ft.);
Weight: (11st. 12lb.);
Birthplace: Scunthorpe;
Previous club: Scunthorpe United.

Barry Wilkinson.
Signed as professional: June 1, 1954;
Height: (5ft. 10in.);
Weight: (12st. 4lb.);
Birthplace: Bishop Auckland;
Previous club: Bishop Auckland.

Tommy Younger.
Signed as professional: June 7, 1956;
Height: (6ft. 1in.);
Weight: (14st. 11lb.);
Birthplace: Edinburgh;
Previous club: Hibernian.

David Kerr.
Signed as professional: April 17, 1956;
Height: (5ft. 8in.);
Weight: (9st. 9lb.);
Birthplace: Glasgow;
Previous club: Bridgeton Waverley.

Barry Wheatley.
Signed as professional: March 20, 1956;
Height: (5ft. 8in.);
Weight: (10st 10lb.);
Birthplace: Sandbach;
Previous club: Sandbach R.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 18, 1956, ; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

** Note that most other sources have that John Price was born in Aberystwyth, in Wales.

Liverpool Echo: August 18, 1956.

Liverpool F.C. – Back row (left to right): John Arkwright, Tommy Younger, Doug Rudham.
Second row: Geoff Twentyman, Dick White, Barry Wilkinson, John Molyneux, Fred Perry.
Third row: Ronnie Moran, Gerry Byrne, Bobby Campbell, Con Phillips, Eric Anderson, Joe Dickson, Don Campbell.
Fourth row: Bob Paisley (assistant trainer), Tom McNulty, John Price, Laurie Hughes, Alan Arnell, Louis Bimpson, Keith Burkinshaw, Roy Saunders, Alex South, Albert Shelley (trainer).
Front row: Brian Jackson, Tony Rowley, Billy Liddell, Phil Taylor (acting manager), John Evans, Alan A’Court.

Liverpool Echo: August 18, 1956.

Liverpool 1956 1957


  1. Amateur reg. with Liverpool 5th May 1953. Prof. reg. 3rd June 1955. Free transfer in 1957. We have found him in 16 reserve (Central League) matches (3 goals). Debut 8/10-1955 -Barnsley (h) Won 5-1. Last match 2/2-1957 Sheffield W. (a) 2-3. He also played in Lancashire Cup, Liverpool Senior cup + for “A” team and “C” team. Scored a hatrick against Lobol (a), 24/11-1956 in West Cheshire League (4-1). Southport 20th July 1957. League 19 games/6 goals. Free transfer 1958.

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