Impudent theft at Anfield

August 27, 1956
One of the most impudent thefts I have heard of for a long time took place at Liverpool F.C.’s ground on Saturday, during the Central League match between Liverpool Reserves and Stoke City Reserves, when one of the visiting players had his suit stolen from the dressing room.

The player was Colin Hutchinson, Stoke’s inside right, a 20-years-old lad who is in the R.A.F. stationed near Preston. Hutchinson hung his suit and underclothes on the peg nearest the door in the visiting dressing room but the suit had disappeared when he came out of the bath after the match.

Fortunately the Stoke City trainer had a spare track suit among his kit, so that Hutchinson was able to return home with the rest of the team. Hutchinson also lost his week’s wages which he had drawn on Saturday morning and his leave pass.

Board meeting
The puzzling part of the matter is how the thief managed to get in and out of the dressing room without being seen. Normally at least one commissionaire is in the vicinity throughout the course of every match.

Liverpool are also wondering why the dressing-room was not locked. The usual procedure is for the key to be given to the visiting trainer on his arrival, so that he can close the room while the players are absent.

The theft was reported to the C.I.D. immediately it was discovered, and police inquiries are proceeding.

The Liverpool directors will also have the matter before them at their board meeting to-morrow evening. I understand they are covered by insurance against such contingencies. In any case, I think it can be taken for granted that the club will see that the player is not the loser.

“I cannot conceive how such a thing can have happened,” said Mr. Thomas Valentine Williams, the Liverpool chairman, “and we shall go into the matter very thoroughly.”(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 27, 1956)

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