West Ham United v Liverpool 1-1 (League match: September 3, 1956)

September 3, 1956
Key note: “If Liverpool’s defenders had demanded double overtime rates at the end of the match against West Ham in London last night nobody who saw the game would have blamed them. They had earned it. Without their splendid contribution Liverpool would have been sunk without trace long before the final whistle. West Ham attacked for fully 80 per cent of the game – and attacked with tremendous verve and forcefulness. They delivered a constant succession of really good shots, most of which were either right on the target or so close to it as to give the defence plenty of anxiety.” (Liverpool Echo: September 4, 1956)

Match: Football League, Second Division, at Upton Park, kick-off: 19:30.
West Ham United – Liverpool 1-1 (0-1).
Attendance: 25,000.
Referee: Mr. F.L. Overton; linesmen: Messrs.: H.O. Ward and D. Wilson.
West Ham United (2-3-5): Ted Gregory, George Wright, Noel Cantwell, Andy Malcolm, Malcolm Allison, Frank O’Farrell, Doug Wragg, Roy Stroud, Alan Blackburn, John Dick, Malcolm Musgrove.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Tommy Younger, John Molyneux, Ronnie Moran, Roy Saunders, Laurie Hughes, Geoff Twentyman, Brian Jackson, Eric Anderson, Billy Liddell, John Evans, Alan A’Court.
The goals: 0-1 Liddell (18 min.), 1-1 O’Farrell (74 min.).


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