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“There is about him something that is strongly reminiscent of the old Scotch school. He is quiet, unaffected – the type of players who must be understood before he can be appreciated. He is the mainspring of a machine; the man who will keep it running if all the cogs are in sympathy with ne another. He has individuality; he as ideas of his own. Close dribbling, an insistence to keep the ball on the ground, the constant endeavour to weave a profitable pattern, stamp Kyle as an intellectual player. He can shoot, too, but he does not shoot often enough.”
(Athletic News: October 30, 1905)

Born: December 21, 1878: Cadder, Scotland.
Passed away: January 19, 1957: Glasgow, Scotland.

Position: Centre forward.

Height: 176 cm. (5ft. 9½in.);
Weight: 67 kilos (10st. 7lb.).
* Source: Scottish Referee: May 26, 1899.

Linton Villa.
Clyde: Signed: October 26, 1898.
** Transferred to Liverpool for £100.
Liverpool: Signed: May 1, 1899;
* registered with the Football Association: May 4, 1899.
* eligible for Liverpool F.C.  in official matches: September 1, 1899.
Leicester Fosse: Signed: May 9, 1900.
West Ham United: Signed: September 27, 1901.
* Transferred to Kettering in an exchange deal with W.J. Jones.
Kettering (outside Football League): Signed: November 30, 1901.
Cowdenbeath: Signed: December 31, 1903.
Heart of Midlothian: Signed: August 29, 1903.
Leicester Fosse: Signed: March 8, 1904.
Port Glasgow: Signed: April 2, 1904.
Royal Albert: Signed: December, 1904.
Partick Thistle: Signed: April 22, 1905.
Tottenham Hotspur: Signed: May 6, 1905.
* registered with the Football Association: May 11, 1905.
** Suspended by club for misconduct (fighting Carrick, team mate): March 23, 1906.
Woolwich Arsenal: Signed: April 20, 1906.
** Transfer listed February: 1908.
Aston Villa: Signed: March 5, 1908.
** Transferred to Sheffield United for £1,100 and Robert Evans.
Sheffield United: Signed: October 2, 1908.
Royal Albert: Signed: August, 1909.
Watford: Signed: November 13, 1909.
* registered with the Football Association: November 25, 1909.
** Released: February: 1910.
** Sheffield United kept his Football League registration until at least 1912.

Scotland A Trial 1-0: (March 19, 1907).

Peter Kyle, Woolwich Arsenal (Athletic News: September 3, 1906).

Peter Kyle, Woolwich Arsenal (London Daily News: September 26, 1906).
1906 Peter KyleX
Peter Kyle, Woolwich Arsenal (Kentish Independent: September 7, 1907).


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  1. Didn’t know this guy had graduated to us at Villa. Interesting to see that Spurs punished him by selling him to Arsenal!

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